Deadbreak Junctions (15/28-35 kV)

The Raychem 600A/900A deadbreak junction is available in both 15/28 kV and 35 kV Class versions. Deadbreak junctions are used with 600/900A elbows and accessories for connecting, establishing loops, tapping, and facilitating apparatus change out. They are commonly used in pad-mounted apparatus, sectionalizing cabinets, and underground vaults, where there is a critical use of space, flexibility, and operability.

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Features and Benefits

  • Available in 2, 3, 4 point configurations
  • Deadfront, 15/28 kV or 35 kV, 600 or 900A Ratings
  • EPDM molded rubber construction
  • Optional corrosion resistant stainless steel (adjustable or stationary) mounting brackets for direct wall mounting
  • Maintenance free, fully shielded, submersible
  • Applications include padmount, indoor/outdoor vault, subsurface
  • Conforms to ANSI/IEEE Standard 386
  • Heavy duty U-straps provide secure mounting for junctions