EC-35 Three Phase Faulted Circuit Indicator

The EC-35 is a three-phase unit with remote indicator designed for use on insulated cable. The unit has a unique pull over bail, self-mounting sensor and will only reset when the current in each of the three sensors exceeds the reset current. EC-35 can be installed using insulated gloves, if safety rules permit. The optional mounting kit provides easy field installation in a transformer housing (Order optional universal mounting kit # KT-5000.)

edisonlogoEdison Controls Faulted Circuit Indicators offer a number of electrical options to meet the changing requirements of modern distribution systems. More extensive use of reclosers, current limiting reactors, and phase correcting capacitor banks etc. make the selection and specification of Faulted Circuit Indicators (FCIs) more complex.

Trip Level: 25 – 3000 A with repeat accuracy of +/- 10%
Reset Level: l.0A standard; 3.0A or 0.5A l00v/230V for secondary voltage reset unit.
Reset Time: resets automatically in one to four minutes after restoration,
unless timed reset is specified.
Trip Response: Normally 1 ms or less; (refer to trip response curve below)
Power requirements: Line powered
Adjacent Field Susceptibility: Immune to adjacent magnetic field tripping
Overload Capability: 40,000A peak per ANSI/IEEE 495-1986
Maximum Continuous Current (Non-trip State):
3.0A reset Models: 800A
1.0A reset Models: 300A
0.5A reset Models: 150A
Environmental Capability: Meets ANSI/IEEE 495-1986
Life Expectancy: 20 years