15/28kV Class, 600 Amp T Body

The Raychem ELB-15/28-600 and ELB-15/28-610 elbows are designed to terminate underground cables to high-voltage apparatus such as transformers and switchgear. They are fully shielded and fully submersible and meet the requirements of IEEE Standard 386. They are interchangeable with other manufacturers products that conform with this industry standard.
They are designed for use on extruded (XLPE or EPR) solid dielectric cable. The conductor range is from 1/0 AWG to 1250 kcmil for aluminum or copper conductors with insulation diameters from .640″ to 1.965″. The ELB-15/28-610 elbow has a capacitive test point molded into the elbow body which provides a means of sensing voltage and provides an attachment point for test point fault indicators. 900A ratings can be achieved by ordering the kit with a copper shearbolt terminal.Accessories such as junctions, insulating caps, connecting plugs, and standoff plugs are also available.

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Features and Benefits

  • Peroxide cured EPDM rubber ensures low tension set and high dielectric strength
  • 100% factory production tested for partial discharge and AC Hipot per IEEE 386
  • Optional capacitive test point provided on elbow
  • Fits 15/28 kV cables up to 1250 kcmil
  • Molded semiconducting shield provides ground shield continuity per the requirements of IEEE 592
  • Meets IEEE 386-2006 specification requirements
  • 900A capability is available