Raychem Loadbreak Reducing Tap Plug (LRTP)15,25 and 35 kV Class

TE Connectivity’s (TE’s) Raychem Loadbreak Reducing Tap Plug (LRTP) provides a transition from a 600A deadbreak elbow to a 200A loadbreak interface. This interface allows for live testing or the addition of a 200A loadbreak tap, elbow arrester or grounding elbow

A fully shielded, submersible connection is offered with conformance to IEEE Standard 386.

These LRTP’s are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products that comply with this standard.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.43.36 PM

Features and Benefits

  • Rotating nut which threads onto apparatus bushing or 200A elbow
  • Allows for hotstick control of the elbow and its connections
  • Available in 15/28/35 kV on 600A side and 15/25 kV on 200A side
  • High quality peroxide cured EPDM rubber insulation