World class service and experience

The Ardry Group: Ardry Trading Company • Ardry Supply, Inc. • DryKeep • Edison Controls FCI  is the premier value-added stocking distributor and manufacturer in the industry.

Established in 1940, Ardry Trading Company is an export stocking distributor.  Ardry Trading provides manufacturers with export management, product marketing, product distribution, product specifying, and product technical support throughout the world.  Our technically trained sales engineers, global network, and inventory program reduce cost-to-market and lead times for manufacturers.  Ardry Trading is a major stocking export distributor for Elastimold premolded cable accessories and apparatus bushings, Hi-Tech fuses, and Hitachi Energy USA distribution transformer components.

Ardry Supply, Inc. provides product marketing, distribution, specifying, and technical support in the United States and US territories.

DryKeep is our brand of online power transformer dry-out systems with real-time condition-based monitoring to extend the life of power transformers.

Edison Controls FCI is our brand of fault current indicators.

Ardry sales engineers have decades of experience specifying, designing, supplying and technically supporting all substation, transmission, and distribution equipment for underground and overhead systems, distribution transformer components, and C&I products.  Our world class service, experience, and quality product offerings set us above the rest.  All of our products are stocked in our 10,000 square-foot warehouse just outside of Savannah, Georgia, one of the largest container-handling facilities and ports in the United States serving more than 150 countries and more than 300 ports throughout the world.

Companies looking to bring their product to market overseas or in the USA choose Ardry.  Electric utilities, contractors, distributors, specifying engineers, transformer and switchgear manufacturers, and asset managers choose Ardry.  So should you.  Contact us today to see what Ardry can do for you.

Why Choose The Ardry Group?

Ardry is World-Class service

The growth of Ardry from its modest beginnings to its present esteemed position in the industry is due largely to providing quality service to its many customers throughout the world.  Quality service means more than on-time shipments, important as they are; it means offering the correct material to meet the specifications, complete information on all quotes, and properly completed documentation that enable customers to clear material through their respective government Customs representatives.


Every Ardry employee is a complete professional and is extremely proud to work for our company.  As a result of our commitment to share our expertise and excellence, our customers know that Ardry is synonymous with on-time service.

Documentation and traffic : The world is in the details = Accuracy

Ardry oversees and coordinates all the necessary documentation and transportation for each shipment, thus assuring the most efficient means of handling customer shipments.  Because of our unsurpassed attention to details, Ardry enjoys an excellent reputation for accuracy, thoroughness and completeness in the preparation of documents and in the arrangement of inland and overseas transportation.  You can be confident that Ardry takes the special care necessary to prepare all the documents required to meet customs and government requirements.


Ardry provides the advantages of order consolidation among several manufacturers, thus reducing the number of import transactions while taking advantage of volume freight discounts.


Ardry eliminates the customers’ concern about selecting, controlling and communicating with a freight forwarder.  Leave the paper work to us.  And remember that Ardry gives each customer’s order the individual attention needed to meet the many import/export requirements.