Edison Controls FCIs are used on overhead and underground distribution systems by EMCs, public, and investor-owned utilities worldwide to minimize service interruptions.

Edison Controls FCI Inc.’s. Line Powered Faulted Circuit Indicators are designed to minimize restoration time. Underground or overhead, these sophisticated, reliable instruments enable a utility to reduce the cost of fault locating, crew and equipment time. When a series of EC FCls are installed on a distribution network, they work like this:

Edison Controls Faulted Circuit Indicators are line powered; no routine maintenance is required. Permanently installed, they will operate reliably for twenty years or more. All EC FCIs are individually tested three times to meet assembly and performance specifications. Overload protection, mechanical and electrical integrity is built-in.


  • Fast Delivery
  • Lowest Available reset current in the industry, 1 amp on most ranges
  • Lowest available trip levels in the industry (25 amps)
  • High accuracy & stability
  • Rugged construction
  • Saturating ferrite core
  • Submersible
  • Transient over current protection
  • Versatile – many options available
  • Longest available delayed reset, up to 3 days