A History of Excellence Around the World

Ardry has long enjoyed a reputation for quality service and leadership in its field. Capitalizing upon the opportunity to initiate service to the then-emerging South American market, the company was established as a sole proprietorship in New York City in 1940. Ardry continued to serve this and other markets and was incorporated in 1965. In 1981, needing new headquarters to manage its worldwide operations, Ardry moved to Morristown, New Jersey, and began a new period of sustained growth, its mission to excel in customer service and satisfaction.

To continue this mission of excellent customer service, Ardry again moved in 2003; this time to the Savannah, Georgia area which enabled the company to expand its headquarters to include a 10,000 square-foot warehouse which improved lead times as well as gained access to Savannah seaport for improved logistics. Since its beginnings, Ardry’s quality service has been the key to its expansion throughout the world. The Ardry Network has expanded to more than 40 countries with representatives and customers located on every continent except Antarctica. Marketing as a distributor, representative, or export management company for US manufacturers, Ardry services such customers as government agencies, local distributors-representatives, utilities and original manufacturers.

Ardry specializes in supplying electrical and industrial material, particularly capital equipment for electric utilities and industrial firms. Always recognized as among the best, Ardry engineers also develop specifications for and supply material to original equipment manufacturers. Ardry provides an extensive range of engineered equipment and materials to its many customers. Through the years, Ardry’s quality performance and service have been critical to its continued growth and success. Ardry welcomes the opportunity to service your needs in the international marketplace of the 21st century.