Project management:  The greater the challenge, The greater the success.

When projects require the procurement of material from several manufacturers with varying manufacturing schedules, the coordination of factory release dates, consolidation of shipments, and effective expediting become essential to the project’s success.

Ardry has the experience and expertise needed to manage challenging projects.  Over the years Ardry has successfully supplied numerous World Bank, ADB, and US AID awards, private industrial expansions, US military base projects and new resort hotel construction jobs.

Upon receiving the contract award, Ardry professionals meet with the owner or his representative to establish the delivery requirements and define any other special details.  Using the latest computer-order follow programs, Ardry can expedite problem items and release varying lead-time items in a methodical fashion that results in coordinated factory shipments of the most demanding project schedule.

Ardry has freight forwarders on the East and West coasts, where material is received, inspected and loaded into containers.  By consolidating shipments for projects, Ardry minimizes the cost of freight and insures that materials is handled with due care to prevent in-transit damage.  These controls, the result of years of successful experience, allow for all the materials to be shipped as a unit or for various materials to be delivered in stages – whichever the project schedule requires.

Through Ardry, the customer can issue one purchase order with related documents and be confident that the order will be handled professionally throughout all stages until completion.  Our excellent reputation for project management rests upon our success in delivering on-time shipments and continually satisfying customer requirements.

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