Pyungil Corporation – the leader in high voltage distribution and transmission equipment.


Since 1970, Pyungil’s technical innovations and stringent quality control have earned them a place as a world leader in the field of insulator technology.
All Pyungil insulators have been tested in accordance with ANSI, IEE, IEEE & CEA standards and approved. The company offers polymeric insulators, including dead-end, railway, line post, and coupling insulators; cable terminations, cable joints, by-pass systems, and insulator covers; and epoxy bushings for transformers and switches, polymeric bushings, and mold cones. It also provides switches and protection devices, such as load break switches and protective devices; power electronics; hardware and fittings, and electrical tapes. Select a product from the thumbnails below for more details on Pyungil products offered by Ardry Trading.

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