Safety, including the protection of people and property, is at the forefront of today’s business. Fuses offer a simple and cost-effective solution to some of the risk associated with electric distribution. ABB offers a variety of expulsion fuses. Both ABB protective links and draw-out fuses offer protection to the distribution system should an internal transformer fault occur. ABB’s drawout expulsion fuses also offer some protection for overload and secondary faults. Isolation links, though not true fuses with an interrupting rating, are used to protect those who work on transformers from connecting into a faulted circuit.

ABB draw-out fuses are designed for use in ABB’s DOIII type fuse holder, but are interchangeable with most draw-out fuse holders on the market today. These fuses are available in three different configurations for a wide array of current ratings. The draw-out fuses are generally limited to 24.94 kV line-to-line grounded Y. However, when paired with a current limiting fuse the voltage rating can be extended slightly. ABB isolation links are intended to be used in conjunction with draw-out expulsion fuses to prevent the unintentional re-energization of a faulted transformer.  The ABB protective link is an oil-immersed, expulsion type fuse designed for use in the high voltage circuit of distribution equipment. Protective links are available in a variety of fuse sizes and voltage ranges up to 34.5 kV line-to-line grounded Y. In most applications today, the protective link is used in coordination with our P&A CSP Breakers (add link to that page) or in series with a partial range or back-up current limiting fuse.