DryKeep SMART RT-9

DryKeep® USA’s 3 cylinder SMART design includes permanently installed moisture-in-oil sensors and a PLC-based monitoring and control system.

This continuous monitoring and dehydration system measures the water content and temperature of the oil, reducing paper aging and increasing dielectric strength. *(SCADA Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)  Read more here.

  • SCADA-ready SMART design for the Smart Grid
  • Extends the life of new and old transformers
  • Continuous on-line moisture reduction and monitoring
  • Low-cost and virtually maintenance-free
  • Poses no risk to the transformer
  • Easy to install & saturated cylinders are regenerated
  • Lowers costs, increases reliability & safety

Full product details can be found at DryKeep.com


• Three cylinder power transformer dry-out system for transformers rated 10mVA or above with SCADA monitoring, analysis, reporting technology suitable for use on transformers using mineral oil or Envirotemp FR3 fluid.

• System continuously circulates transformer oil and dries tge oil and the paper insulation through moisture adsorption using highly porous, crystalline aluminosilicate adsorbent in beaded form.

• Will circulate and dry the main tank oil and the paper insulation while the transformer is in-service.

• Each cylinder can capture a up to 4.2 liters of moisture per cylinder (12.6 liters total) before saturation and regeneration is required.

• Complete with permanent moisture-in-oil monitors and plc-based monitoring and control system.

• Built-in Ethernet communications port for remote access thru SCADA or other CPU data retrieval.

• Visual, cellular and remote alarm/signaling for flow rate integrity and cylinder saturation.

• Nominal circulating capacity of 0.6/0.7 GPM (2.27/2.65 LPM) using a positive displacement, external gear modular pump and motor, 0.33HP, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz, 110/220/115/230 volts, TEFC, Frame 56C.

• All metal parts are of stainless steel construction and unit is of substation quality durability.

• Hydraulic quick couplers allow for fast and simple saturated cylinder change-outs while transformer remains energized.

• Integral DC power supply for sensors, PLC, and HMI display screen.

• All PLC, communication, and protective devices are enclosed in a pad-lockable NEMA 4– IP65 enclosure with hinged door, inner swing panel, and outer cover.

• 1-micron particle filter with visual status indicator.

• Two oil sampling ports. De-aerator with air bleed valve and lockable isolation valves at input and output.

• ISO-9001 certified.

• Fully complies with IEEE standard C57-140-2006, 7.2.

• Made in the USA.