Free Standing NEMA Enclosure

Free-standing enclosure

For ease of installation, an optional NEMA 4 double-door free-standing enclosure made of 12 gauge steel with lifting eyes, painted ANSI 61 gray polyester powder paint inside and out is available.  Enclosure includes a 17” x 11” Lexan viewing window on the right door.  Enclosure is   UL Listed Type Rating 4, CSA Certified Type Rating 4.  The DryKeep® frame is mounted to horizontal Unistruts welded on the rear of the enclosure.  Where environmental operating temperatures may fall below 0°C a climate control package can be provided with the enclosure to control the temperature inside to protect the LED screen on SMART units and extend the DryKeep operating temperature to -40 to +55°C.
Free-standing climate controlled enclosure for extreme temperature environments


NEMA 4, double-door, 12-gauge steel free standing enclosure with:

•  Lifting eyes

•  ANSI 61 gray polyester powder paint inside and out. 

•  17” x 11” Lexan viewing window. 

•  UL listed type rating 4, CSA certified type rating 4.

•  System status indicator LED stack lights for SMART units.

•  Optional uL/cUL Listed 2000 BTU/Hr. (586 Watt) enclosure cooling and heating package available for extreme temperature conditions available.

•  Optional24VDC back up battery UPS System* with Two (2) 6-cell, 12VDC, 12.0 AH, rechargeable, sealed, lead acid batteries connecting in series, 24VDC, 10 A uninterruptible power supply and battery below < 85% alarm available.