m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform

The m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform is the brain focal point of the advanced optical modular sensor platform. The unique modular design of the m410, ensures “future proofing” to meet the changing needs of monitoring the distribution grid. The m410 is the first, “all optical” modular sensing platform with numerous “plug & play” sensor module options. The m410 can support any combination of the following sensor modules:

Three Phase of Current & Voltage Sensing:
– Rg235: GridViewTM Overhead Sensors (35kV, 1kA)
– Rg135: GridViewTM Overhead Voltage Sensor (35kV)
– Ri135: GridViewTM Standoff Insulator Sensor (4kV to 35kV)
– Re120 GridViewTM 200A Voltage Deadbreak Elbow Sensor
– Re160 GridViewTM 600A Voltage Deadbreak Elbow Sensor

Vibration Sensing (One & Two Channel Modules)
– Rvi100 One Channel Vibration Sensor Module
– Rvi200 Two Channel Vibration Sensor Module

Temperature Sensing (One & Two Channel Modules)
– Rt100: One Channel Temperature Sensor Module
– Rt200: Two Channel Temperature Sensor Module

The m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the electrical distribution grid for precise voltage and current measurement, as well as vibration and temperature condition monitoring. The m410 has four modular bays that allow for any sensing combination, including sensing of voltage, current, vibration and temperature and has the capability for enabling future expansion modules. For distribution grid monitoring, the m410 when combined with Rg235 GridViewTM Overhead Sensors, allows for a true “plug & play” solution. The small enclosure size and multiple analog & digital output options allows the m410 to interface to virtually any industrial and substation automation platform.