Oil Insulated Load Break Switch

OLBS is the oil-insulated load break switch installed on the source side of a distribution transformer(pad-mounted or
submersible). The switch is hook stick operable and available in two, three or four positions.

OLBS is designed and tested in accordance with IEC 60265-1 (1998) and ANSI/IEEE C37.71(1984).

The OLBS is constructed of the highest quality components and manufactured at an ISO-9001 certified facility.
The base components are of a molding material, which supplies good electrical and mechanical properties.
The O-ring gasket installed at the tank interface is of EPR material offering excellent sealing, thermal properties,
and gas-proof decomposition properties.
The OLBS is a three phase, gang-operated switch used in distribution and small power transformers for either loop or
radial feed switching.
The switch is designed for side wall or cover mounting with the switch fully immersed in the transformer oil.
To maintain proper dielectric a minimum of four inch submersion on all sides should be maintained.
The spring loaded operation of the switch provides quick and secure make/break operations.
The operating handle is hook stick operable and the switching operation is three phases simultaneously.
The switching speed is constant regardless of operator turning torque of the hot stick. The switch operation rotation is
a full 360。in either direction for source selection; proper use of the externally installed limiting plate will prevent
rotation to positions other than the specific position intended.
The limiting plate is supplied with each switch and is an important safety device.

Standard packing is 32 units per pallet.
Each pallet is 42”x 42”x42” (1067mm x 1067mm x 1067mm)
Volume : 43CFT (1.22 CBM) Gross weight : 653.89LBS (296.6 kg) Net weight : 627.87 LBS. (284.8 kg)
Switches are securely packed in heavy duty, individual cardboard boxes, placed 4 rows high (eight per layer) on the
pallet and then heat wrapped and strapped with banding. Pallets can be double stacked in transit.