Fuse Holders

The ABB DO-III fuse holder is a draw-out, load-break expulsion fuse holder.  The Type K current limiting fuse canister provides an air-insulated receptacle for general purpose current limiting fuses (full range fuses) used in pad-mounted or submersible transformers.

The DO-III fuse holder is intended to protect the distribution system in the event of an internal transformer fault, secondary fault, or severe overload when used with properly coordinated expulsion fuses. The DO-III fuse holder is designed for use at voltages up to 23 kV (line-to-ground) and 150 kV BIL. The fuse holder works in conjunction with ABB DO-III fuse links which can be found here  ABB fuses

The Type K fuse holder features dead front construction, hermetic sealing, self-aligning spring contacts and stainless steel, corrosion-resistant components. It can be welded or clamped onto the transformer tank. The Type K fuse holder allows the operator easy access to the current limiting fuse for inspection or replacement.