GridView™ Deadbreak Elbow Adaptor Sensor - Re120

The GridView™ Deadbreak Elbow Adaptor Sensor, is a direct replacement for standard resistive voltage divider sensors and capacitive coupler sensors. Because of the “all optical” sensor design, there are no conductive materials used for the measurement of both voltage as well as the transmission of the optical signals. The insulator body is cast in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) using a state of the art injection molding process. HCEP construction provides superior arc track, ozone, and ultraviolet-resistive properties while maintaining physical strength. The hydrophobic surface properties of HCEP, ensure highly reliable performance in wet or humid conditions. All calibration and performance settings are stored in the ruggedized modular electronics enclosure located at the base of the optical cable. When integrated with the (m410) Modular Optical Sensor Processor, this provides for a “highly accurate” as well as “low cost” precision solution for distribution grid monitoring and control.


Features include:

All optical Solution for Voltage Measurements:

Re120: One SKU for 200A “Deadbreak” Elbow Voltage Classes

Re160: One SKU for 600A “Deadbreak” Elbow Voltage Classes

Designed for harsh operational environments

Calibration and offsets are contained within the Re120 Sensor

Benefits of HCEP:

– Enhanced water shedding properties

Reduced contamination-related leakage

Improved product quality and reliability

– Improved UV protection

– Results in a more consistent and reliable product

The GridView™ Deadbreak Elbow Adaptor Sensor, utilizes a 100% “all optical” measurement platform for unparalleled accuracy and precision of voltage readings, across multiple voltage classes. Specifically designed for installation in standard 200A or 600A Deadbreak elbows. All signals from the sensor are connected via optical fiber connections to a “plug & play” (m410) Modular Optical Sensor Platform, that is fully ruggedized and scalable.