Rotary Switches

The Hitachi Energy USA Distribution Transformer Components LBOR-II switch is a manually operated, two position, load make or break, oil immersed, rotary switch. It is designed for use with distribution transformers (pad-mounted or submersible) and self contained distribution switchgear. With a smaller mounting envelope than most switches on the market today, the LBOR-II switch has been designed to save you money. The reduced envelope allows for smaller equipment that requires less oil and steel to manufacture.

Hitachi Energy USA Distribution Transformer Components LBOR II switches feature a wide range of configurations with voltages through 38kV and current through 400 A.  Switches can be either nut-mounted or welded.  Installed with a retained gasket and a single mounting nut, the LBOR-II switch with the nut mounting system allows for quick mounting in both OEM and replacement installations.  Installed with an ‘A’ frame mounting bracket, the weld-in mounting system is a time proven method for secure installation of the LBOR-II switch.  The weld-in system provides a stout, reliable system for mounting and sealing the LBOR-II switch.  Click on the Support and Documentation tab above to download the product brochure to see all available options.